Internationalisation and Mode Switching: Performance, Strategy and Timing.

Gabler Wissenschaftsverlag Wiesbaden 


In this study, Uwe Sachse offers substantial answers to the question of how companies behave after they have entered a particular foreign market. Starting with a comprehensive literature review that reflects current research progress in the field of internationalisation process, managing foreign operations and switching foreign operation modes, he adds valuable knowledge with an extensive empirical study. The study results show that the mode switch is an important option for improving performance in foreign markets. Satisfaction with the current performance of a foreign operation is the main driver for or against the mode switch. When a firm makes the decision to switch modes, it is shown that, through the mode switch, success in the foreign market is significantly improved. Yet the switch is not in itself a prerequisite for success. The study shows that both switchers and non-switchers can be successful. The results also reinforce the assumed relationship between management style and the probability of a mode switch. Uwe Sachse shows that, over the duration of foreign business activity, companies pursue characteristic internationalisation pathways through their choice of mode. Finally, he concludes with an explanatory theory on mode switching based on the theory of pathway dependency. 


This book is a valuable resource for academics and practitioners in the field of international management and international business and offers substantial knowledge on how companies develop foreign operations. 


Gabler Verlag; Auflage: 2012 (4. November 2011) 

Language Englisch 

ISBN-10: 3834931306 

ISBN-13: 978-3834931306 

Internationalisation of Medium Sized Enterprises –
an integrated approach to Management Consultant

Verlag Wissenschaft und Praxis, 2002 


With his book, author Uwe Sachse succeeds in providing a valuable guide for the internationalisation of medium-sized enterprises. It is useful for firms that have achieved a certain level of internationalisation, and for firms still in their infancy. Through the use of a systematic method and the logical structure, you receive practicable recommendations for a gradual introduction and optimisation of your international business. This book is the ideal accompaniment for every phase, from business analysis to strategic planning to realisation. The author offers theoretical solutions as to how medium-sized enterprises should expand their international business and presents options for practicable realisation. The complementary checklists for the internationalisation check-points simplify realisation and underline the practicable benefit of this book. 


229 Pages 

Language: Englisch 

ISBN-10: 3896731556 

ISBN-13: 978-3896731555 

Growth through International Expansion –
How You Can Successfully Expand Your International Business

Gabler Wissenschaftsverlag Wiesbaden 


For many medium-sized enterprises, expanding foreign business is a vital necessity. After successful years on the domestic market, many firms need to enter international markets in order to further grow. As an international consultant, Uwe Sachse presents a holistically designed guideline that shows firms how they can undertake the necessary changes. After a differentiated analysis, e.g. of competition, he determines the unique success position, e.g. with regard to product quality or customer loyalty, based on the core expertise of the enterprise. He then considers the strategy with regard to place, time and form of international market entry. With several analytical tools and practical recommendations.  


Auflage: 2003 (15. April 2003) 

256 Pages, 35 B&W images 

Language: German 

ISBN-10: 3409119973 

ISBN-13: 978-3409119979 

Export Guideline Education and Further Education iMOVE Training Made in Germany

Initiative by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research  


The Export Guideline Education and Further Education offers German educators a first orientation aid especially suited for their requirements. The Export Guideline serves the systematic creation of an internationalisation strategy extending to practical implementation. Current company examples illustrate the various possibilities of market entry in a foreign country.  


Publisher: iMOVE, Uwe Sachse, PhD 

December 2008  

58 Pages 

ISBN: 978-3-88555-840-8 

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