// Seminars in English

International Business Development: evaluating market opportunities, business modelling, preparing market entry, partnering, initiating projects, cost-benefit analysis.

With our seminar, we want to build a solid foundation for systematic business planning under consideration of the main requirements and conditions abroad. The objectives are to enable you to initiate the business planning process, to lead the internationalization project and to eventually write a winning business plan. 


Content: Structure/content business plan, tools to analyse foreign markets/business modeling, market entry options, writing a business plan 

Internationalisation of services

With this seminar, we look at service-oriented businesses and companies who want to internationalise. Here we focus mainly on companies that are not yet active abroad and want to prepare for international market entry. We will focus on the internationalization of knowledge-based and product-related services in the areas of industry, trade, technology, consulting, vocational training and education. 


Content: method of transferring services to international markets, the service blueprint, international pricing, distribution, branding, communication, processes, international touchpoint analysis, internationalization controlling. 

International Business Modeling

Have you ever wondered how you can participate in foreign business? And how you can build up more business abroad? In our seminar International Business Modelling we develop with you together systematically new business models for successful international business. We are going to use innovative tools such as the Strategy Canvas, Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Red-Ocean/Blue-Ocean Method and the Value Curve. To encourage your creativity, we use Lego Serious Play and build new, innovative business models. As the final outcome of this seminar you will receive both a systematical approach and at least one new Business Model. 


Content: Nine Building Blocks, Business Modell-Innovation, Business Modell Canvas, Red-Ocean/Blue-Ocean, Value Curve, Lego Serious Play. 

Efficient design of sales and marketing structures under consideration of new global realities

Content is systematic planning and optimization of the foreign sales and marketing structures of small and medium-sized enterprises. Here, we focus on companies that are already active abroad and want to develop profit potentials through re-organisation and new business models. The objective is to put you in a position to make foreign business more efficient and to adapt it optimally to changing global conditions. 

// Workshops

International expansion of SMEs

With our seminar, we want to give first impetus to a systematic planning process to go international for small and medium-sized enterprises. Here we focus mainly on companies that are not yet active abroad or have reached a low level of exports. The objectives are to enable you to start exporting and to enhance your share of export business successfully. 


Content: sessions on environmental scanning, country selection, market entry, mode switching, pain and gain in export business 

// Speeches, Lectures, Seminares

Marketing, sales, corporate management, entrepreneurship and startups.

We are offering various topics about the internationalization of business models. Please to not hesitate to contact us for further details. 

// Innovation Management and Change Management

Innovative methods,development of new products and services, handling of oranisational change and changes within human resources

The development of new innovative business models requires a lot of resources and new visions of the future. We accompany you methodically and relieve your capacities in this way. We use our toolbox: Business Model Canvas, Scrum, Design Thinking, Lean Launchpad, Agile Retrospective, Customer Journey, Lean Persona, Touchpoint Analysis, etc.