Grounded analysis

Every good decision is based on a solid analysis of starting conditions and potential for future development. Here, we offer an objective analysis as a basis for new growth, for assessment of own opinions, as a controlling instrument, for evaluating opportunities and risks, and for identifying potential for improvement. In each case, you receive a clear opinion from us as a result.  

Market research

Our consulting service is based on empirical research on market requirements in the German and/or foreign market. First-hand market- and potential analyses are, for us, the basis of every recommended strategy. For this purpose, we have been working together with selected universities and other institutional experts for many years. Focus groups, expert interviews, quantitative surveys, web-based or face to face research, are as much a part of this as observations pertaining to competition or the analysis of the buying behaviour of consumers or industrial buyers.  

Strategy development

Developing successful and sustainable strategies. But what makes a strategy successful? "To explore the space of one's own possibilities for action and to surprise the opponent, meaning the competition, with consistently applied strategies that deviate from the usual 'best practices.'" Our work is designed in such a manner that results are produced from the beginning on. Without success, no faith in the cooperation can be created.  

Business planning/Business modeling

Systematic planning of a challenging commitment in the domestic- and foreign market is an important step to estimate costs, resources, probability of success, financial requirements and profitability. Today, no decisions are made without a systematic business-planning process (using modern tools such business model innovation, design thinking, effectuation, etc.). We support you with the efficient preparation of a successful business plan for establishing your company, developing new business models, the market entry into new business sectors, or the planning foreign investments. And of course, we also assist you during implementation and support you with our resources and expertise. 

New business / Reorganisation / Increasing efficiency

The performance potential of enterprises increasingly depends on the enthusiasm, creativity and commitment of employees. It's often forgotten but can't be overemphasised in its importance. Effective management: with clear direction in major matters, but participatory in detail. Our opinion: "Only when it is clear where the path is leading to all employees pull together and mobilise their full energy."  

Accompanying the implementation phase

Implementation is the ultimate goal, no question. Without implementation, a project loses its value. It's our responsibility to steer the project, from the beginning on, toward implementation. This is professional project management and ensures a pragmatic approach among all those involved. As a part of value creation, it is vitally important. Implementation decides the final success of our work. Thus, we offer both interim management and project-related work in the target markets and in Germany.  

Moderation, Sparring partner, Coach and Seminars

We're pleased to support you as moderators, sparring partners and coaches for all matters related to strategic management, entrepreneurship and startups. 

Sectors and target customers

Our sector experience to date excludes the consulting of financial- and insurance companies. For these, please refer to our friendly competitors. If you are in the manufacturing industry, e.g. plants or engineering, in medical/bio-technology, processing, glass, porcelain, ceramics, energy industry, electrical engineering, or in the automotive sector or construction industry then we can offer you comprehensive sector experience. In the past few years we have also added knowledge-based services, such as education and training, to our areas of expertise. And if a reliable partnership is more important to you than sector experience, please contact us.